Nilfisk S.p.A.
Eng. Fabio Grugni - Nisfilk Outdoor Division Specialist

Nilfisk S.p.A., present in the market for over 100 years, is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for the outdoor and maintenance segment. The company's core business is represented by floor care equipment, such as professional scrubbers dryer and sweepers, vaccum cleaners, high pressure washers and sweepers, outdoor utility machines. The company pays much attention to innovation and is extremely receptive towards anything that can improve the quality of its products: this is due to the fact that many of its clients are Danish and German municipalities, that use performing machines with low environmental impact.The company's portfolio also includes many private companies. From the organizational point of view, Nilfisk is structured in three different company divisions: Nilfisk Consumer, Viper Cleaning, Outdoor Nifisk. It has officecs in 45 countries and has a wide distribution network. In Italy the company headquarter is in Guardamiglio, Lombardia region: here we meet Eng. Fabio Grugni, Nilfilsk Outdoor component specialist, to whom we ask some questions regarding the use of PANOLIN environmentally friendly lubricants.
- What types of lubricant do you use? For which application?
We use PANOLIN PANOLIN HLP SYNTH and HYDROFLUSH on a City Ranger 3500 machine.
 - What are the reasons that led you to purchase environmentally considerate lubricants?
Among our customers, there are some  German municipalities who expressly want our machines to be filled with certified lubricants in order to avoid the risk of accidental spillage, especially in places of historical / artistic interest that may cause serious damage and heavy repercussions  for our Company.
- What advantages are you experiencing in the use of environmentally considete lubricants?
The ecological aspect is certainly a strength, but the real advantage that we are seeing with PANOLIN products is their extreme long lasting quality: filling intervals are much longer compared to mineral-based products and this leads to an appreciable reduction of the costs caused by machine downtime, as well as a better management because we have the assurance that the machine can work at its best thanks to the lubricant endurance.