Environmental excellence  lies on details: Amsa chooses Aebi Schmidt sweepers with PANOLIN HLP Synth*

The big European cities have set themselves ambitious environmental objectives, and Milan is as good as them. To reach these goals all the actors are called to play their part and Amsa, the company that manages the integrated waste cycle and the cleaning of the streets, does not hold back. For this purpose also the choice of lubricant, in addiction to many other important aspects ( not only the use of cutting-edge machines).  This attention to detail led Amsa to request to Aebi Schmidt the sweepers powered with  hydraulic fluid Panolin HLP Synth.
We have asked Amsa, Aebi Schmidt and E.C.O. Italia®, Panolin exclusive distributor in Italy,
to give us their point of view. For Amsa we contacted the operational director Mauro De Cillis.
What motivations have led you to choose Swingo sweepers equipped with Panolin HLP Synth 46 ecological fluid?
has paid even greater attention to environmental sustainability, with the ambitious
goal of making the City of Milan the most virtuous of the European metropolises in environmental protection. Among the main objectives we have set ourselves is the reduction of atmospheric emissions through the renewal of the vehicle fleet to further reduce the environmental impact of the operating vehicles circulating. From this point of view, the experimentation of Panolin HLP Synth, an ecological hydraulic fluid, on a part of our vehicle fleet should be seen.
On the occasion of the last supply of ten Swingo model 2 m3 sweepers with Euro 6 engines, awarded to the company Aebi Schmidt, we have foreseen the use of biodegradable oil and, thanks to the collaboration with Aebi Schmidt and E.C.O. Italia, the company that exclusively distributes Panolin products, has created the conditions to start a test phase.
At the end of the experiment, concluded with positive results, it was decided to extend the application of the
produced for all 2 m3 Aebi Schmidt sweepers in the Amsa fleet.
What advantages do you expect from using an ecological hydraulic fluid?
This aspect will contribute both to the optimization of the service and to the reduction of CO2 emissions. "
What are the future prospects for the Amsa roadside service park?
"The introduction of the lubricant
Panolin HLP Synth in Aebi Schmidt products has been the subject of careful and careful evaluation in order to satisfy not only the ecological requisites required but also paying particular attention to the management costs.
Through a direct experimentation that began almost 15 years ago, Aebi Schmidt has subjected this hydraulic fluid to continuous use on vehicles that have been able to operate continuously for over 20,000 hours without the need for replacement or to start up expensive regeneration activities. product. The results achieved far exceeded expectations and this led to the successful completion of the experimentation activity carried out in collaboration with E.C.O. Italy. The project had its beginnings when the ecological hydraulic fluids were not as widespread as today in the field of city services, demonstrating the attention that Aebi Schmidt has always paid to innovation and the environment. "
Finally we contacted the sales director of E.C.O. higher environmental standards, but not only this: it is also an oil that lasts 5 times or more of a mineral equivalent.The high durability and efficiency of the product allow to reduce maintenance costs, the machine stop and at the same time affect the overall environmental impacts of the vehicle, such as polluting emissions and altering climate, energy consumption and the quantity of oil consumed and disposed of.
This is the concept of Panolin Greenmachine and we are proud that Amsa and Aebi Schmidt have given us the opportunity to contribute to achieving the ambitious environmental objectives of the City of Milan.

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*Article published on Lavori Pubblici n.89 novembre - dicembre 2017