Use PANOLIN HLP SYNTH to reduce operating costs

With SAMPIERANA Spa we tested PANOLIN HLP SYNTH on one of their mini track loader : Euromach ETL 200 T4


On August 28th, 2017 SAMPIERANA spa technicians together with E.C.O.
Italia® technicians met to perform some tests on EUROCOMACH model ETL 200 T4 mini track loader.
The tests were aimed at comparing the performance of the machine once filled with a high viscosity index and then filled with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. This test  is the result of a long lasting collaboration between the two companies. SAMPIERANA has been open for testing  PANOLIN HLP SYNTH for the first filling of its machines since the collaboration first began.


During the day the mini loader was subjected to two tests:
· A closed circuit, about 4 km long, including a climb and a descent
· Execution of standard timed movements of the arm and bucket, test carried out at the end of the circuit and then with hot oil.

In the morning tests have been done using ISO 68 mineral oil. At the end of the test, the machine was drained of the hydraulic fluid, the flushing was performed and finally filled with the PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46. The tests with PANOLIN were carried out in afternoon.
the engine was set at 2600 rpm and all tests were timed and monitored. The technicians recorded the execution times ofeach activity.
It is important to underline that all tests done with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH had a Viscosity / Temperature (VT) index ISO 46, while the viscosity of the mineral oil was higer, ISO 68. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH has a VT index definitely higer than a mineral oil, which means a greater stability of the fluid as the temperature changes. This characteristic of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH allows the choice of lower viscosity without compromising the ability of lubrication of the fluid even at high temperatures, while the same can not be done using mineral oil: that is what happened in the hot summer day when the tests were carried out.
A lower viscosity implies less friction and therefore allows for lower consumption and execution times.


The following table shows the results of the tests.

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH performed in less time than the mineral fluid.
In the case of the circuit, this difference is just under 2%, a percentage that presumably corresponds to a similar fuel saving.
The results are very significant for the movements of the arm and the bucket:
· 21% less for the total closure of the bucket;
. 10% less for the total opening of the bucket and the lifting of the boom;
· 4% less for the descent of the arm.

The advantages of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH
These tests highlight one of the advantages of choosing HLP SYNTH: the ability to reduce the execution time of a machine's movements, which translates over time into a reduction in operating costs.

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH allows the oil change to be performed at least 5000 hours instead of 1000 of a standard mineral oil.
PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is an ecological hydraulic fluid certified by Blauer Engel (the German environmental quality label) which guarantees compliance with the highest environmental standards on the market:
· Biodegradability ≈ 70% according to OECD 301 B;
· Aquatic toxicity;
· Exclusion of dangerous substances;
· Not bioaccomposable.
This is the PANOLIN GREENAMCHINE concept: thanks to the high performance and long-life, PANOLIN HLP SYNTH allows to reduce the amount of fuel and oil consumed to the reduction of CO2 emissions.