We are pleased to announce the launch of the Centre for Studies ECO Italy, an organization created and maintained by the Engineering Department of ECO Italy Srl ®

The main objective of the CENTRO STUDI E.C.O. Italia is the contribution to the development of ecological culture in Italy through the development of kenowledg of the Italian and European regulations relating to environmental protection and all those actions that, in the various productive sectors, can be carried out to prevent environmental damage that may be included in the broader definition of green economy.

In particular, our experience and our know-how allow us to deal competently all issues relating to fluids, which are used in every field of human activity (agriculture, industry production and processing, transportation, electricity production of urban services cleaning and waste disposal, excavation, offoshore and naval, etc ...) and microfiltration systems by-pass and wheeled to the modern industry.

We can provide useful information to implement and develop a culture of prevention and environmental protection on the fluids (lubricating oils and fats of high technology) we offer, which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic to humans and the environment and also sustainable , produced from renewable raw materials.

The Centre's activity is therefore primarily aimed at entrepreneurs, people like us who every day have to choose how best to manage their business efficiently and profitably: our information and training activity  aims to show technical arguments and practical experiences showing that it is possible to respect the environment while at the same time implementing the efficiency and realizing an obvious saving.

The Centre then turns to the many consumers who, likewise, have to decide every day how best to invest their resources in order to obtain, in the end, the same result: the best efficiency with the least expenditure with a view to safeguarding the 'environment for future generations.

We will try to achieve this ambitious goal through the organization of conferences, meetings, seminars, comparisons between stakeholders and experts, communications, and comments on the new Italian and European regulations as well as by sending periodic newsletters edited by us, with the assistance of external experts.

To do this, to follow the rules on privacy, we inform you that all communications and newsletters of the Centre for Studies ECO Italy will be directed to those who have expressed their interest in advance and authorized such initiatives.
Otherwise, that is if you do not wish to receive the above material, please send an email to the address below or fax to 051 5060975: we will take care of promptly remove you from the list of recipients of the communication and newsletter of the Research Center.

If we were to get there, however, for a mere error, a communication or a newsletter of the Centro Studi, while telling us not to be interested in the ways listed, please accept our apologies and let us present as soon as possible by sending a notice to the
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